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Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Quick Home Visit

We went home last week. I had not planned the journey in advance and had a tough time to get the tickets. We had to attend a marriage function at Trivandrum, which we decided to make it last minute. My colleague Pradeep helped me in getting a ticket for Friday evening. I was in search of ticket from Thursday evening through agents and friends end up in hearing all buses are full. But luckily got 2 tickets.
The journey was hectic. The bus met with an accident at 3 am at Palghat. The bus should be at a speed of 70-80 KM/hour hit an auto rikshaw, which quickly entered the main road in front of the bus from a side road. Even though the driver tried to save the bus by quickly steering to right side of the road that did not help. The guys in auto were taken into hospital; the police arrived and cleared the road after 10-15 minutes.
We reached brides house by noon, three hours late. It was a nice time meeting relatives and of course the wedding ceremony. We left to home on Sunday after noon. Stayed home for a day. It's a very special feeling being at home with parents. I went to temple on Monday morning, usual routine whenever i go home. I met couple of my school friends. That was a nostalgic moment hearing from them after quite some time. We stared to Bangalore on Monday evening and reached here on Tuesday morning.

The trip was good though the journey was hectic.

Back in work...going on....


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