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Friday, January 13, 2006

New year began....

I was so busy in the new year that i could not post anything in the blog. My team is heading for a major release of our current project in the end of January and obviously lot of work. Also we had a domain training on Image processing in office. The training session were facilitated by Dr. Nagabushan and Mr. R Pradeep Kumar. Dr. Nagabushan is a famous personality in document imaging. the session was informative and cleared many doubts. We will have the remaining session after 3 weeks or so.

I registered a domain called in the first week of new year. I did not have any plan to register a domain of this kind but when i so some Kerala related sites, just searched for available domains and thought it would be better to register this domain. I hope that after some time down the line i can develop some stuffs useful for all of us.

Tavant is opening a new facility in the city. This is 3rd Facility in Bangalore which is again in Koramangala near Joythi Nivas College. We have around 30000 Sq.ft which can accommodate 350 employees in two & half floors. One of the floor 's will be opened from Monday which is in second floor of T3- SA ( Tavant -3 Salapuria Ascent), the rest will be opened in next 60 days.

Our client Jorge is reaching Bangalore in the week end for a weeks vist. He is VP application Software Development of Photometrics.


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